Allow me to introduce the International Forum for peace and sustainable balanced development in Asia.




The International Forum for East AsiaPeace & Sustainable Balanced Development

was held for the first time in 2019 to establish solid partnerships to advance peace and co-prosperity across East Asia.
After the 1st event, based on many requests from participating cities’ officials, the name of the Forum was changed to “East Asia⁺”, meaning that it includes East Asia, ASEAN, and Central Asia, with aspirations that encompass not only East Asia but also ASEAN and Central Asia. The Forum expects to lay the foundation for reinforced regional cooperation to ensure the balanced development of Pan-Asia, and to serve as a platform for enhancing the sustainability of economic exchanges.

The Forum will encourage greater public interest in regional peace and co-prosperity as it is planned to be hosted by multiple Pan-Asian cities.
We anticipate that the Forum will significantly contribute to fostering the future leaders of Pan-Asia, supporting a mutually beneficial network of cooperation, thereby strengthening the bonds of solidarity and friendship in the region.
We hope that the Forum will accordingly help the regions to overcome their bitter history of conflict and hostility, last but not least, achieve peace and sustainable balanced development.
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