Allow me to introduce the International Forum for peace and sustainable balanced development in Asia.



Welcome to the 3rd International Forum for
East Asia+ Peace & Sustainable Balanced Development.

The Forum has been established to promote sustainable and
shared development expansion and building a mutually
beneficial inter-city network of cooperation in East Asia and ASEAN,
and to support independent exchange and cooperation among local youths.

The forum is rotated between various cities around Asia based on
the three themes of economy, culture and education.
This year, Daejeon, the city of science and research, is the host city
for the Forum under the theme“Role of Fostering Future Talent
for Understanding and Cooperation in East Asia and ASEAN”.

We expect that an increasing number of cities from the entire Asian region
will participate in the 4th Forum to be held in 2022, contributing to the promotion
of win-win growth and sustainable balanced development in more regions.
We hope that the COVID-19 pandemic will recede over the next year and
we will meet in person to communicate and gather wisdom for the future together.
Thank you.

Ghim Sa Youl,
Chairman of East Asia+ Forum on Peace & Sustainable Balanced
Development Organizing Commitee
Chairman of the Presidential Committee for Balanced
National Development

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